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Morning Issues

Had some serious morning issues today. Tried to wear a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in months cause they didn't really fit but couldn't find any fall temperature-appropriate shirts to go with it. Basically cause I've been only buying dressed. So finally, after a half hour and about 10 wardrobe changes, I went with the purple tights/jean skirt combo. Navy blue t-shirt with purple cardigan over and brown boots. Hopefully it matches. Oy vey.

Then I left my apartment, attempted to open my umbrella and somehow in the process, managed to puncture my finger. And since bad things come in threes although obviously none of this is that bad.. every time my eye buds fell out of my ears, I'd accidentally spill my coffee trying to adjust them and hold my umbrella at the same time.

Hopefully the day will shape up better. But I have 4 major things I need to do and have no idea how I'm going to accomplish them. 1- stock photography show in the Flat Iron/ Chelsea. 2-Somehow pick up my laundry which is always conveniently out of the way from everything on 2nd avenue and 6th street. And 3. Attend some event on Houston and Broadway post work. 4. Pick up a flash at Adorama.