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Moving Towards Success

One of the areas of life that I'm fascinated with is how people find success and what drives people towards success, especially if they've taken a unique path. It seems that over and over again, we hear stories of great pain leading to great and unique accomplishments. My mother emailed me a link to this article about a friend of my sister's from my hometown who has finally "hit it big" or is on the verge of something great. Anne MarsenGirl Walk // All Day is yet another example of someone who pushed on and pursued what she loved doing and is finally being recognized. When you really think about entertainers who have made a name for themselves, I'm guessing on average, they were working for a good ten years before having a featured article about them in a national publication, and Anne is no exception. I remember hearing about her constantly working as an extra or auditioning for parts, probably when she was in middle school. Her perseverance is a total inspiration. Anyway, I highly recommend you take the time to check out this video of her dancing to the latest Girl Talk mashup on the Staten Island Ferry. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to just randomly run around dancing in a public space in Manhattan. Maybe I'll ask her to teach me some moves.

Girl Walk // All Day from jacob krupnick on Vimeo.