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Music I'm Currently Obsessed With

Dana Parish - Got an advanced copy of her album at the last Symphonics Live and her CD isn't long enough!

Just downloaded two albums by José González and I can't stop listening to them- "In Out Nature" and "Veneer." He also played with Zero 7 on "The Garden." If I actually smoked week, these would be the perfect CDs to listen. He's very mellow, melodic, beautiful, simple guitar and perfect for listening to while at work, browsing photographers.

I also threw on all my old Dave Matthews into a playlist and have Lauryn Hill but it pains me that she hasn't produced another album.

And I'll always love Indie.Arie and pretty much all of Alicia Keys. Also can't wait to see Rufus Wainwright in concert again although I have no idea when that will be. Honestly, one of the reasons I got home to my parent's house in NJ is so I can drive, blast music and sing in the car. I need an outlet for my singing. I'd love to go to a party where people sit around, sing and play guitar like in "Once." Singing with my iPod while walking in the city just doesn't cut it for me. Can't be looking like a crazy person.