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Music is My Boyfriend...

These last two nights have been all about the music, and some damn good music at that. Last night, I went into Williamsburg at Pete's Candy to see the Nightrats, sort of mellow, but interesting sound. Can't figure out who to compare them to but I like their style, and they mix French into their lyrics which is cool. On top of that, met some really cool people. I can't tell you how nice it is to meet artistic people. As much as I've enjoyed the last 5 year and value the friendships I've made, it gets old speaking with finance people, etc. Definitely nice to be appreciated or recognized for my creative abilities instead. I've felt like I've made a greater effort to understand what people do in finance than anyone has in asking me what advertising, etc. is all about. But maybe that's just me.

Then tonight, I went to another Symphonics Live show, pictures to come soon. As always, it was inspiring and moving. Shawn has a knack for finding some seriously talented people and mixing it up in an eclectic, sophisticated way. And the types of people that are drawn to him have a mutual respect for spirituality, musical talents, honesty, and we all let ourselves be moved by the music. One of the singer's one year old child was in the audience, and to every one's amazement, had perfect, natural rhythm. He instinctively wanted to dance the minute any music came on. And the icing on this week's cake (although the week's not over), was a party I went to on West Houston for a few drinks where I met up with some cool coworkers. I still owe this blog a comparison to my life last year. I guess I might as well wait until New Year's at this point. But let me tell you, I know I'm young and maybe not the wisest, but life definitely has it's ups and downs. And when I say that, I'm focusing on the ups.. because I believe that no matter what you're going through, life will turn around. I feel blessed to have the strength and support from family and friends to help me ride out the waves. And am always learning about myself and others.

peace and love.