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My Day Off

Perfect end to a fairly good week. I took today off from work and started myself off with a healthy brunch; scrambled eggs (cage free) with pepper, and cheese. A side of sauteed spinach with garlic, onions, red pepper and some salt. And toast with butter. My mother would be so proud.



Moving away from the subject of food. Last night I went to a law school party in Brooklyn. It was one of the few times I've partied in Brooklyn then taken the subway home late night. I know. I'm a sheltered girl. Fortunately, I made a new friend and didn't have to take it alone. And we made some more friends - three drunk guys from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. They were all 21. One was like a caricature of a person. He was exactly what you'd think a 21 year old Brooklynite, venturing into the city on a Thursday, summer night would be like, heavy accent and Italian background included. Through our journey underground, he bravely asked my new friend and I all sorts of questions. Like how could my new friend be Jewish when she clearly looked Irish? How could I not be entirely Jewish when my mother is? What do we do? Where do we live? And his odd conclusion - are we together, as a couple? It was quite the fantastical journey, until we hit the Brooklyn Bridge, and his quieter friend motioned that he was going to puke. And thus, we had to say good bye. So I got home safe.

Prior to my Brooklyn trip, I sat outside, drinking iced tea with an interesting fellow at the coffee shop across my street. During the course of our conversation, a bird crapped on my head. Of course. Not wanting to disrupt the flow of conversation, I secretly flicked it off, said a little anti-bird flu prayer (in my head), and continued our convo, coincidentally about daily signs, listening to what the universe tells you, etc. That's good luck right? Yes, I think it is. According to a Facebook friend, it could also mean it helped me avoid a near disaster. Hence - me getting home safe. Off to some more chillaxing..