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My Message to the Universe

There are some schools of thought that say we send messages out to the universe as to what we want, consciously or not. Well as trivial as this may be, tonight was a perfect example of that theory. I was tired all day, and as 5:30 was approaching, was debating whether or not to go to my spinning class. A rare debate because usually I never skip. Around quitting time, I ended up getting swamped with requests and didn't leave until 6. At this point, I was determined to make it to my class and ran the 12 blocks. To my chagrin, the class was already full except for one bike marked "broken." I went to investigate the bike that didn't look broken and exitedly ran into the locker room to change. Of course, I had forgotten my sports bra but decided that the class was worth potentially painful jiggling since I had gotten through all the obstacles. Finally, I settled onto the bike, attempted to click my spinning sneakers into the slots, only to realize it was in fact, broken. I walked out of the gym, ironically sweaty from my run, but determined to at least be extra productive while at home. And that I was probably telling the universe I really needed a break from spinning. I just hope my sports bra isn't laying around somewhere between Union Square and Lafayatte.