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My Unusual NJ Sighting

I had coffee at my usual spot this morning (Java Girl). Then headed to my parent's. During my two block walk home, I spotted two bunnies frolicking in a neighbor's front yard, barely afraid of me. Afterward, at Nordstrom Rack and Century 21, I had possibly the most successful shopping experience in record - two cute and heavily discounted dresses, an elegant shirt, and super high pair of Calvin Klein heels that have cushioned soles. On my way home, I made the quick decision to get off the highway before my usual exit and that's when I noticed the deer... let me explain folks. Wow! very cool. My home town is very suburban and in all the years I lived there and have visited, have never seen more than a squirrel.. and maybe the ocassional bunny. But today! Three bunnies, two deers and one very poor attempt to video tape the experience with my new iPhone 3Gs. Enjoy!