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New Apartment

I'm totally late on the new apartment update but have still spent the last few days unpacking and then simplifying my possessions so they fit in a smaller space. So yeah, for those of you who don't know, I moved from the crazy East Village, St. Mark's between 2nd and 3rd, to the Upper East Side (or Lennox Hill) in the East 60s on 1st avenue. I went from an insane street with a quiet oasis of an apartment to a quiet oasis of a neighborhood with a loud apartment from cars, buses and trucks on 1st avenue. Such is life. I'm waiting to hear back from my architect friend on what to do to block the noise but am so far, relying on my ear plugs. It's hard not to regret a decision that cost about $500+ in movers along with countless other costs associated with moving when the apartment is so noisy.. I guess neither my roommate or I heard the noise when we visited and we were under some serious time constraints. Such is life.

BUT I love my new roommate. We have tons in common and similar, sunny outlooks on life. I love the neighborhood. Despite flirting with the thought of moving to Brooklyn, I'm happy with my decision to stay in Manhattan. There will be time for BK when I'm knocked up.. or at least coupled up. I'm excited to explore upper Manhattan and feel I'm already familiar with most of downtown from Tribeca to Chinatown. I'm hoping being surrounded by the wealthy and the successful will inspire and motivate me, or at least one might accidentally hit me with their Lexus so I can sue.

Will update more when I have a legitimate internet connection. OH! And you'll be so proud, haven't watched TV (minus today) since last Thursday. New roommate and I are just getting internet and no cable which I'm totally okay with. I may not even watch any TV until I get a newer digital TV (makes no sense to drag my old TV and buy a $50 converter). So more time for blogging/ writing my novel/ coming up with an amazing business plan/ or getting serious about going to grad school.

P.S. There's an awesomely adorable cafe directly across the street from me called Java Girl with coffee and food far better than some old faves that shall not be mentioned. (Nothing beats Abraco so far YET).