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New Apartment = Simplicity

One of the goals is to simplify my possessions in my new apartment. My roommate and I actually have a decent sized living room but my room is smaller than my old apartment. I've come to terms that it's unlikely I'll work on my beaded jewelry anytime soon. I haven't made a pair of earrings or a necklace since I've moved into the city so I returned it to my parents. I also returned old photo albums (after scanning some fun pictures) and I don't have a T.V. in my room. BUT I haven't been able to give up my red guitar. I have the unrealistic, but romantic hope that I'll find a man who's musically inclined. We'll come back one afternoon from a relaxing stroll in the park to my apartment. He'll play the guitar and I'll sing. It will be like "Once" but with a romance.

Note: It's amazing what someone's environment can reveal about a person. Can you find the objects that tell my story? Hint: France, Italy, colors, vino...
Delicate glass flowers and bowl made from paper wrappers (roommate's)
Pextax that used to be my mother's.