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New Yorkers are Edgy or On Edge...

Walked around in the cold attempting to do my photography assignment. We have to do a "series." I've been thinking about it a lot but haven't had time to do it. Wanted to do it over a period of a few days but looks like I'll have to do everything last minute. Anywho, I experienced some hate today more so than usual from taking people's photos. First incident was that I asked to photograph a drunk or something sitting on a chair. He didn't look that bad. I'm not all for photographing drunks or homeless but wasn't sure what he was. It's hard finding people lingering outside! As I'm photographing him, some girls walk by and one shouts "I hope she's giving you money." Then a second person walks by and says sarcastically, "that's in good taste."

Jeeze. Every one's a critic.

Walked down further on I think Allen St near the LES and some guy was at a light driving a vintage, 60's car. Photographed him. Then he gave me the finger. Photographed that. Then he drove closer to the curb and yelled that he wanted me to come over and talk to him. I said no way and walked away. I can't imagine what he would have done.

The rest of my photographic journey involved less hate and was quite pleasant although I'm not sure if I really got any decent shots. Went to a bookstore/ cafe and had a great prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich. And had a funny moment with the people sitting there. I think everyone that goes to a cafe/ bookstore alone wants to meet people. I think we all have the same fantasy of trying to look intellectual and engaged in our high brow magazines or books. Sipping expensive cappuccinos in elegantly designed mugs. Waiting for that perfect, cultured, smart guy or girl to strike up a conversion. Okay, maybe that's just me.