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Notable Moments of Today

This morning I walked out of my apartment building and nearly tripped over a gray cat. The poor cat was staking out Mamouns, so I'm guessing the super jerks at Mamouns decided that instead of trapping it outside their backyard, they'd just let it loose on the streets of the East Village during the night. Jerks. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. Why do I feel worse for stray animals than for people? I suppose there's this instinct that the animal has little control but then again, neither do homeless people that are most likely mentally ill.

And during my walk home, I was .5 seconds away from getting run over by a speeding bicycle. Seriously. I wasn't even listening to my iPod and I had the light. Closest in the history of living in the city to getting run over. Jerk.

Okay, despite the last two paragraphs, I really am in a good mood. Like disturbingly good mood and had way too much energy during the day. Of course it's tapered off conveniently when I should be running at the gym. What? I'm having a good hair day. Can't mess with that shit.