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NYC Guide: Cheap & Chic Dresses

Nearly a decade of living in or near New York City has taught me a thing or two about where to find the best coffee, where to get cheap dresses that aren't from Forever 21, decent work spots, etc. So here goes the start of another series. None of these posts are paid for and are all from my own experiences. If any of that changes, I'll let you know.

First up, what all my male readers have been waiting for. Dresses!

I discovered Cora dresses about two years ago at Artists & Fleas right outside of the Williamsburg flea market. The dresses are a very simple but femininely cut, made in one size. They're less than $50 and they constantly come out with new and interesting patterns, making a collection inevitable. (I have three!) I especially love how the cut is sweet and feminine but the patterns; ranging from graphic elements to foxes, are cleverly unexpected. Wear them over jeans, leggings, stockings or go bare. Dress them up or make them look more casual. And see their website for locations. I'm a fan of their stand at Chelsea Market but I recommend eating the obligatory crepe, lobster roll or gelato after you try on their dresses.

And if you plan on wearing a Cora dress while attending an event that I'm attending, for heaven's sake - contact me first so we can coordinate!