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Ocean Beach, Muni, & Embarcadero - Photography Journey Through San Francisco

Yesterday, the internet told me that Monday the 24th is historically known as the most depressing day of the year. Naturally, I refused to stand for this kind of talk and decided to go out of my way to soak up some vitamin D. Here's my photographic journey through San Francisco from Ocean Beach to the Embarcadero. After living in San Francisco for three months, I can happily say I finally had some time to explore. Sometimes words just can't describe a scene but when talking about how I felt, these words come to mind; peace, joy, happiness, euphoria, inspiration, sunshine, refreshed, creative, sand, nature, beauty, balance, harmony, love, luck, wholeness, adventure.. you get the idea._MG_6693
















For more photos, you can go to my flickr page here. Peace & Love, Molly.