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One Night Stand Revenge

A friend of mine had a one night stand with a guy she met through friends. Yeah.. we've all done it. She doesn't do it very often so had trouble reconciling with the idea that it was just one night. And naturally, the guy turned out to be a jerk who sent her mixed signals; calling her and inviting her out but not showing up, not texting her back, and then texting her from another country. So in her anger and frustration she sent him this hilarious questionnaire.


1) When do you think it is appropriate to respond to emails?

a) Within 24hrs
b) After 2 weeks
c) While you are on vacation
d) Never
e) All of the above except a)

2) When do you respond to a text message?

a) After hanging out on the beach
b) Depending on what the subject is
c) Before Sex
d) 4th of July
e) All of the above

3) What is the right thing to do after a one night stand?

a) Make plans for the following week
b) Make sure you can’t get access to any private or public transportation
c) Take a long nap
d) Text the next day to explain yourself
e) All of the above

4) What do you say when you call after 2 weeks later, while you are on vacation?

a) Hope you're having a good summer
b) I don’t really know what to say
c) I don’t even know why I made this phone call
d) It's weird but I will leave her a message after all
e) All of the above

5) When you say you will call in a couple of days, what is going through your head?

a) couple = more than 2 days
b) few = at least 3 days
c) week = not sure
d) month = too many days to count… forget it
e) hmmm… did I really made that call?