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Only In New York... Or Hollywood?

This evening, I was sitting outside the cafe across from my apartment in an empty chair surrounded by two older men (regulars). I had 15 minutes to kill before meeting a friend for dinner. A slightly younger man, probably in his late 40's, energetically greeted them and pronounced that he was just at the Tony's, proudly displaying his picture of Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet. He went on to tell them about various celebrity gatherings and I added that I heard Scarlett sang karaoke at the Cornerstone Tavern on 51st and 2nd avenue on Sunday. Eventually I couldn't resist and asked him how he managed to have all these celebrity filled adventures. He told me that he was the son of a famous iconic advertising character (will not mention who just in case he's legit) and that he has a charity that introduces him to all these people.

The next thing I knew, there were random drops of water coming from above the awning. The regular informed us a crazy man living above Java Girl, on the 6th floor of course, frequently poured water on the patrons because he was annoyed they were so loud. I told the crew about my crazy man who lived above me on the 6th floor and my flooding issue. Wow.. weird similarity. And then.. the next thing I knew.. there was smoke coming from two buildings away from the cafe. Total classic bystander phenomenom. About ten of us stood there wondering if someone should stop their conversation and call 911 but then realized the fire department was already on their way. Our focus came back to the conversation. Old Hollywood glamour guy who informed us that his book was about to get published and had the seal of approval from Oprah. So he was going to go from total obscurity to celebrity come the holidays and the book is named after a Rennaissance Italian artist. "Has he ever been to Florence?" I ask.. and so the conversation continues. Finally, it is time for me to go - to which he proclaims that "that's what these young girls do - you fall in love with them and then they leave."

End Scene. Just a typical day in New York City.