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Ordinary People

Wow, I cried about 5 times during that movie. And seriously miss my sister right now :( It makes me sadder to think I won't see her until May. Eesh. What a powerful and beautiful movie. I wanted to give Timothy Hutton a big bear hug. Along with Donald Sutherland who I'm not used to seeing as a lovable, sweet, emotional guy. Mary Tyler Moore did an amazing job although I can't say I wanted to give her a big bear hug.

In other news, I went to a "Dance-a-thon" for the prevention of human sex trafficking. Need to learn more on that subject later. It's not something you hear about every day although I'm sure it's prevalent. Met some very cool, passionate people. I debated whether or not to go since I'd only have about 45 minutes to shower and get ready post gym and usually like to chillax before going out. But I'm glad that I seriously rallied and somehow managed to get ready in lighting speed.

And in other news.. not so happy, got a bill from a doctor's appointment that I went to in April 2008 for nearly $400! I went to an allergist thinking food allergies were causing my stomach to hurt. I was told very clearly that it was completely covered by my insurance. Dude, what the hell! It's annoying enough when this stuff comes to bite you in the ass a few months after a procedure, but nearly a year!!? Jesus freaking Christ! There's always something. Is there anything else in life besides doctors' visits where you ask someone how much something is going to cost, you accept that service at that price and then 10 months later you find out you're responsible for oh.. I don't know.. 300% more than the original price!!?? That's messed up. Some thing's got to change.

A few months ago, I was sitting at an old high school friend's house having a somewhat awkward but nice big reunion. Someone repeatedly complained about how they weren't looking forward to moving costs (moving to their dream job a few states away). I wanted to scream at him and punch him in the face. I quietly brought up something about having to pay out of pocket insurance, etc. and everyone looked dumbfounded - like okay, she's had problems and wasn't jerk enough to bring it up and complain. Okay, yes, a lot of my credit card debt is based on covering expenses while being unemployed or half employed - but freakin aye. I'm guessing about 60% of that is based on random health issues. Everything from getting my gall bladder removed for no good reason (genetic anomaly), paying 18 months COBRA ($440 a month!!), to getting a crown and a few fillings after not having had ex-rays since I didn't have health insurance! Okay, I think I've vented enough. I'm thankful for what I have and am over all generally happy- but jeeze, I'm just sayin- don't assume some one's life is peachy. Everyone has their own issues. Eeesh. Going to bed. And will try and put my pending bill out of my mind. Every thing's negotiable right?