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Oy Vey

Sorry for being so MIA. Have been so busy. Tell me what you think... Saturday night I was waiting for my friend to show up at a bar. So this guy comes over, blondish, clean cut, tall, attractive, etc. and we start talking. He's 5 years younger so right away I'm like... oh. okay. Anyway, he's dressed up in a suit and 20 minutes into a great conversation, I ask him why he's so dressed up. He says he just returned from his grandmother's 92nd birthday at the Metropolitan Club or something like that. And we had already discussed how he grew up on the Upper East, went to Boarding school, etc. So I'm at a complete loss as to what to say. I don't know anyone from this "world" etc. etc. And I say, "oh, did you grow up in a Gossip Girl world?" And he's completely annoyed by the question. Says sort of sarcastically, he grew up rich, etc. etc. And then tells me that question made him uncomfortable. So I feel like I jerk and managed to pull myself out of it saying that I just found the differences interesting cause my childhood was completely different..

Was that rude of me? Or should he have lightened up?