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Philharmonics in the Park - Ponderings

This evening, I went to hear the Philharmonics in Central Park with family friends and learned a few things about myself. Okay, to be fair, the evening re-enforced what I already knew. Maybe my post is slightly influenced by the two glasses of wine I had but here it goes -

1. Life is beautiful
2. I love New York
3. And I can never become vegetarian or kosher simply because of the existence of prosciutto.

In other news, yesterday I endured two back to back 45 minute spin classes with Carl at Crunch. Yes, that spin class. The one I've gone to for about 4 years now where everyone knows my name (I'm famous, or infamous!) and I wonder if this will be the class that I finally fall off my bike and pass out. But alas, I did not! Apparently after 70 minutes of spin, you kind of get into a zone and can't feel your legs anymore. Hello endorphins! And hello enlightenment. I realize that Carl's class is a metaphor for life: it never gets easier, but if you tough it out, work hard and have a positive attitude, you'll not only get through it - but will be stronger because of it.

And on that, I bid good night. Peace, Love & Happiness.