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Photography Question

As per previous posts, I'm taking a portraiture class that seems challenging and thought provoking. We have to develop a long term portraiture project over the next ten weeks and I was thinking of comparing my new neighborhood (East 66th Street) to my old neighborhood (St. Mark's in the East Village). That might be a superficial project that doesn't push the limits of portraiture but I really love street photography. Here are some shots from Sunday. What do you think? Are they too much like The Sartorialist? Please, be honest. I love his site but I don't want my project to be about just fashion.

And meanwhile, this girl lives in Boston so she wouldn't exactly encompass a real Upper Eastsider.
Super Nice Couple. On Park and 66th.
The girl was excited because she has also taken classes at ICP.
I think overall, people were more friendly than in the East Village. Hmm.
And they're from Seattle.