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Pictures from this weekend

This is how Lola has been chilling lately. She drapes her paws over the bed post and watches TV in my parent's room. Seriously. I can't make this shit up.

I was taking some lazy pictures around my childhood room and only afterward, realized how telling they were. All the objects on my radiator tell a story about where I came from. The photo on the right is me and my late grandfather in Mexico. My grandparents retired there and we'd visit once a year. Not to mention I'm wearing purple! Behind that is a painting done by my great uncle on my father's side. The two photos next to that were taken by my mother while she was visiting her parents in Mexico. Then there's the Saratoga water glass bottle from Saratoga Springs, where I went to college. And a candle dish holding a crystal- sort of new agey, from my dad. Finally, there's the painting my parents bought me that depicts a girl sleeping and is revolved around the dream world- a subject I find fascinating. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting coincidence that all those objects told such a complete story about me despite not having purposely arranged them on my heater.