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Ping Pong Madness

Hello! Happy Friday! Or errr.. Good Friday!

Last night after meeting up with a few of my boyz (not in the hood) for dinner, I went to a ping pong tournament fundraiser at Spin. It was super awesome and I sort of kicked ass. I should seriously consider joining a ping pong club for realz. This was going to be a cat free post, but I will say I put myself in the mindset of Oscar. I was fierce. I didn't take my eye off the tiny orange ball.

Anyway, met some cool peeps and had a few "oh it's a small world" experiences. One being.. and now tell me how you feel abot this.. that I met a cool girl who went from photography to account strategy which is the area of advertising that I'd like to ultimately transition to. It was interesting to hear how she managed to leave the visually creative world and if she thought her job was equally as fulfilling. Then we exchanged info. Her last name is the same last name as my ex bf's plus an "s." Holy cow. What are the chances? Weirdness. Yes, I've known this for years. The universe has a sense of humor. Maybe it's telling me to lighten up.

that's all!