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I'm being a tool and not completing my photo class assignment mainly cause I still haven't figured out how to work my flash. Anyway, I thought it was appropriate to touch on politics since I haven't done so in a while.

On Saturday, I was at a bar with a few friends- one of my very good friends who I've known is a Republican but I also know he's intelligent and have respected his view points. In fact, we rarely talk about politics cause we don't want to get into any serious arguments when it's unlikely either one of us will change our mind. Anyway, someone else I was with was curious as to who he was voting for. And his answer will forever stick in my mind and slightly terrify me. Went as follows (paraphrased)

"I'm voting for McCain and I think we should bomb the Middle East. Then bomb them again, and then again."

His angry, completely out of character response terrified me. My new friend and I argued that it was ridiculous, that you'd be killing innocent people, that all those in the Middle East aren't terrorists, that you'd be creating more animosity against the US than before, etc. But overall, the idea that people actually think this is a good idea is completely insane and a major part of the problem. Obviously hatred for Americans can run very deep and be impossible to change, but I'm sure that killing vast amounts of people would be no different than Sept. 11th and only breed more violence.

And to extend on that thought- because I just got started.. wouldn't perpetuating the war and killing all these people increase government spending? Hell.. I'm pretty sure a major war, more violence and destroying the entire Middle East would be considered Government Waste when it's not the entire Middle East causing the problem. And here's something even more contradictory to conservative Republican views. Um. If you're going to be PRO-LIFE, then how can you possibly be pro- war at the same time?? I'm sorry folks. But innocent American lives are no more valuable than innocent Iraqi lives, Afgan, etc.

Phew. I feel better now.