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Pondering about my family

I'm in Schmersey because my sister is home for a week and I wanted to greet her at the airport with my pops. As they happily bonded over the St. Olaf cold weather, traditions, and academic life (my sister goes to my father's alma mater) I noted how her college choice is yet another thing that aligns her with my father- another similarity. To elaborate- it's like our family is divided down the center- me with my mom, and my sis with my dad. Not that we don't all get along. But here is goes--

My mom and I are both Lefties.
My dad and sis- both Right handed.

Mom and I- both artists.
Dad and sis- are writers who dabble in art.

Mom and I- names start with an "M"
Dad and sis- with a "J"

Mom and I- hazel eyes
Dad and sis- blue

Mom and I have darker hair
Dad and sis- blondies

anyway, the list goes and I find it sort of eerie. Is this the case with other 4 person families?