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I'm gathering the Jpegs for my upcoming photography class. We had to shoot portraits using side lighting and Rembrant lighting. Both lighting styles are very dramatic-- well at least how they want us to do the assignment, using our flash on a stand. It's hard to make flattering portraits since they're such high contrast. Anyway, I just realized that oddly enough, 2 out of my 3 subjects are named Kirsten. What are the chances? I'm sure I could find other similarities, like they're both artists.. but I'll stop there.

And side note.. I consider myself a reasonably happy person. I'm rarely bitchy, and tend to have a optimistic, nearly naive view of the world. But lately I have found myself surrounded by negativity and after all these years (2 to be exact), it's really starting to get to me. I cannot imagine how someone can walk around with so much constant anger and such a bitter view of the world. I started out feeling bad for this person, but now that the negative energy is starting to effect me, I'm less inclined to feel that way.

Okay- one more hippie-dippie comment. I rarely ever read my horoscope, but saw a link to Astrology Zone through Julia Allison. Anyway, it said on May 9th, I'll be getting a chunk of cash. And wouldn't you know it- the people I babysit for just asked if I can sit on Saturday night. Of course despite having a million tentative plans I said yes but still..
-Image to put me in happier place.

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