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Last night I dreamed that I had a baby and was all like.. "are you sure it's mine because I don't remember having sex recently or giving birth." Yeah.. sad that even my subconscious is aware of this fact. I won't say who the father was although I'm sure he'll be very happy to read this if he still checks out W&P. Hint.. yoga pants. According to online dream research, it means I'll be entering an exciting new phase in my life or taking on a new project "hence the birth." That seems about right with how I feel but according to my dream, I'm having trouble accepting this and moving forward.

Today, I also remembered that according to an old horoscope, August is supposed to be a good month for me romantically. Woohoo! I've got 18 more days to go boys! So far nothing yet although I did spot someone from my past on the train this morning. ooh lala. Also saw some guy walking through Union Square who I've met a few times before through a friend. He was wearing a suit. Yum. I'm a bit more hopeful and I knew the whole "Molly doesn't care about guys" thing would only last a month or two. I really did feel that way for a brief time due to the stress of the move. It's good to get back to my happy, flirtatious, adventurous self. Finally, as I was walking home, I spotted a guy who looked vaguely like my ex-boyfriend - enough for my heart to skip a beat in surprise (or fear). I casually walked closer to get a better look and he noticed me. So then he started giving me the eye and checking me out. Felt like it was a craigslist missed connection as I walked away and he got on a bus. But then was slightly disturbed by the idea that someone who looked vaguely like my ex-boyfriend would be the one to stare me down and be my missed connection.

Moving on. Tomorrow is like Friday for me! I'm going to Vermont with my best friend for a long and relaxing weekend. Sooo excited! I plan on writing, reading and relaxing although I realize I somehow have to carry all my shizzizzle back to Schmersey. And I may see Jack the cat! Then definitely Mischief and Lola. Exciting!