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Quick Updates

Carl was in good mood Monday for spin. I'm guessing it was because I was there! :) I nearly didn't get a bike. It was by pure luck that someone gave up their spot cause they didn't have spin sneakers. Crunch closed another gym which is going to make my two gym locals even more crowded. Grrr.

Tuesday was pretty crazy because of St. Patty's day. 30 seconds after leaving my office last night, a drunkish guy pointed at me and declared "I like you!" Flattering, yes. Then when I was closer to my photo class near the Port Authority, I saw three guys walking arm in arm. The middle guy was being held up by his friends and had a bloody mouth. In the chaos, I overheard his friend say "You'll be okay man." YIKES. My dad will be happy to know that I took a cab home.