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I'm going through my blog to find material for my novel. I know.. I know. I'm trying to write the great American novel. Well. Maybe not. I once met a guy at a bar (in my youth) who told me that he was trying to write the "Great American Novel." I guess looking back, I can give him credit and realize that's a lofty goal.. but back then, I was horrified and thought it was a very poor attempt to get laid. Anyway, this is one of the many mildly entertaining posts I found.. convo between me and a good friend.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


REDACTED: sup woman

ME: do you read my blog?

REDACTED: Ive read it before. I mean its funny. Im not a real blog fan tho. Just seems the stuff I would REALLY want to know about people, wouldnt be on a blog

ME: hmm, like what? i'm pretty honest on my blog

REDACTED: I dunno. I can't explain it really. I just feel like in general they are just...meh not that you/other lie

ME: but not necessarily too personal, more about my political opinions, religious views. etc. i think it's a pretty accurate depiction of who i am, and goes deeper than if you were to know me casually

REDACTED: are you pitchin' me to read your blog?!?!

ME: i guess it depends on who it is, if someone i had a crush on or wanted to get to know had one, i'd read it, but i really do it for myself. some of it's funny.. and relevant to anyone. like the squirrels having sex, and blog of superbowl party

REDACTED: yeah, those pictures were funny, I'm not accusing your blog of being ass im just saying blogs in general suck, so I dont read blogs

ME: i guess i'm more inclined to read people's now that i write one

REDACTED: If I had a blog... "law school sucks" "got wasted" "law school sucks" "fucking red sox"

ME: you sound so well rounded

REDACTED: I might talk about like...really loud burps, but other than that, meh

ME: I guess you don't have much to say

REDACTED: Im empty. I can make an emo blog

ME: emo blog?

REDACTED: "life sucks" "no one likes me" "look at my died black hair and pierced nose"
like emo kids, u know

ME: I try to have a more positive view on life and perhaps be inspiring

REDACTED: thats so BORING though. no one like happy. SAD sells

ME: boo

REDACTED: like...actually I would prob be less likely to read some emo blog than a happy blog
but whatever. porn trumps all every minute I spend reading a blog is a minute undevoted to porn

ME: Truer words have never been spoken

REDACTED: I can of course have two windows open, blog on one
porn on the other, but, I could have porn on both there is no escaping it.

ME: nice