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Reflections on Advertising

I just sent this link to my dad. It's an hysterical, but mildly depressing YouTube video about what really goes on in advertising. This has no reflections about where I work but it seems to be the overall sentiment about advertising so I'm guessing there's some truth to it... Which got me thinking- Advertising is one of those jobs that are completely glamorized. All of the job functions within an agency can be interesting, collaborative, exciting and challenging - but in the real world, This all depends on what company you work for and which clients you have. Of course given this economy, you must complete these functions with the thought that you can get laid off at any minute. That beautiful process can be destroyed by various egos and agendas. I guess ideally you want to be around people who are still excited and happy to be in the business but old enough to have experience.

I'd almost go so far as to say that out of many different industries- it's probably one of the few that holds such a diverse group of people and thinking within its walls. From the right brained creatives, to type A account people, academic strategists, multi-tasking producers caught up in both worlds, IT people, accountants etc. etc. All doing their delicately (hopefully) choreographed tasks to please the client and make money for their holding company while working on a plethora of products. I wonder how this effects the environment and what it would be like to work in a more homogeneous environment. Would it be easier or harder? And of course, whether or not this is the exact reason I have always been drawn to advertising.