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Me thinks that doing the rejecting is just as hard as being the one rejected. Okay, not just as hard or time consuming. It doesn't involve obsessively checking ones phone/ email and bouncing off theories to friends as to why said boy hasn't called. Instead of taking the guy/ ignore route, I'll carefully compose a text response politely explaining that while I enjoyed his company, it's not a match. What's worse? Why can't guys do this?

I've been disappointing my 5 fans with my lack of relationship/ love juicy tid-bits. And I will continue to do so. But I will say that it seems like I find guys who are a perfect match for me in theory- i.e. share similar values, my taste physically, have stuff in common, interesting, etc. But then we have no chemistry. Instead, I find chemistry with the close minded, conservative, jerkish, not terribly attractive guys. Do I have a problem? This is annoying. I'm not worried though, cause there are a lot of fish in the sea. See, haven't I come a long way!? Lots of smart fish I might add. Schools.