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Roller Coaster

Wow, I've had a whirlwind of a week. I felt like at the beginning of the week, I had no hope in finding an apartment- Was completely frustrated by the process, freaking out, and exhausted. And by Wednesday, my luck changed. I'm signing the lease for a 2 bedroom in the East 60s tomorrow. Craziness. My whole "New York identity" is wrapped up in being an East Village/ downtown girl. Actually, I don't even know what "New York identity" means. I've been literally wondering and pondering all this for months as you probably know. Brooklyn vs. Manhattan, Uptown vs. Downtown. And now it's done. I have absolutely enjoyed my time here but have walked and explored nearly every street there is to explore downtown. I'm looking forward to a healthier, more quiet lifestyle. Maybe regularly running through Central Park. Walking up 5 flights of stairs! Cooking in my new, nice and decent sized kitchen! Not being tempted by the 5 frozen yogurt places, pizza joints, fast food and booze. Knowing that I'll have to take a cab or subway and then 5 flights of stairs to get home, thus curbing my temptation for 1 last drink. Or staying out late. I'm soo excited.

And having sunlight stream through my window.

But yeah, holy fucking, freaking, shitting crap. I can't believe Michael Jackson is dead. This is unbelievable. Even though he's been completely out of the spotlight for nearly 10 years and might as well be dead, this comes as a great shock. Especially since he died in preparation for his comeback. It definitely seems like those who have such an exceptional impact in our lives have all died young- Monroe, Kennedy, MLK, Princess Diana, John Lennon.. And in these cases, I can truly say that it was not their premature death that made them more special, but that they had a significant impact already while alive. And now we will forever remember them for their virtues- before they got old and feeble, made mistakes or faded into old age.

WOW. Let us please all pause and appreciate how precious and fleeting life is. How ironic if MJ's death is one that can unite us all.. His music certainly can.