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San Francisco Chronicals

People have been asking me if I plan on moving to San Francisco any time soon. I thought long and hard about this- running check lists through my head as I wandered around. I definitely love that it's close to the great outdoors. New Yorkers get excited about taking a mini vacation to Coney Island or Central Park for some fresh air. Whereas the air in San Francisco is always fresh and the lack of foot traffic prevents you from having that viceral reaction of wanting to leave the city every once in a while. Not to mention a short and cheap ferry ride can get you to Sausolito- a quiet resort town on the water, devoid of activites that don't involve walking or eating... slowly.

BUT for me, when it comes down to it, New York is the best place for my industry. The hills in San Francisco exaust me and stiffle my sense of adventure since I'm thinking of my next destination in terms of level of difficulty. I came during a lucky, but very uncharacteristic patch of five day sun whereas their weather is usually more like what New York is experiencing right now.

My trip did make a lasting impression on me. I'm almost positive that despite loving my neighborhood, I will not be able to stand living in a shoebox much longer. I'm going to start looking to move to a quieter area by June 1st. I had an amazing time with my WCS and a few others we dined with along that way that I've managed to keep in touch with. Laughed harder than I have in months. Had some fantastic food everynight for Italian to Tapas. Yum. And was inspired by San Francisco colorful design at the MOMA and from the stores of Castro. Had moments where the beauty of the city literally took my breath away. And concluded the whole trip with a slightly miserable red-eye flight where I landed in cold, rainy New York and couldn't help but to laugh. Life is good.