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Shit. It's Cold Out

I made the mistake of walking around outside for the last 3 hours. Went to Uniqlo to buy purple pants. Yes, I said purple. Then had to get them shortened cause I'm a member of the 5'1 1/2 club. And consequently had to wait around for 2 hours while that was going on. I dipped into this cute bookstore on Spring and had a not so healthy proscuitto and mozerella sandwhich which is becoming a once a month tradition. And finally braved the cold once again to retrieve my pants. The 6 at Spring was closed so I kind of gave up and walked the rest of the way home. It's an hour later, and my legs are still cold. In about 20 minutes, I have to leave again to go the long way to my babysitting job. Then I'm totally hybernating in my apartment after that with a movie.