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Wow. I've been slacking so much on my blog that for the first time ever, I had to log in. Hmm. Well. This weekend was the weekend to end all weekends. I kid. But I suppose it was fairly eventful. On Thursday, Thanksgiving dinner consisted of lobster and champagne. That's right folks. That's how we roll up in Schmersey. Hollar. Aight. My sister couldn't make it home for Turkey Day so we decided to forgo the labor intensive Turkey for an equally as indulgent and delicious fair. While home, I managed to fit in about 6 episodes of Mad Men 3rd season where I lost all faith in MAN kind. Or at least began to appreciate the less "authentic," less boozy and lucrative but way more politically correct, and female friendly advertising world of today. And on Saturday... wait for it. I had my 10 year high school reunion. That's right folks. I'm alive and have lived to tell about it. Actually, there's not much to tell. The four hours of open bar and small talk went by mighty fast and thanks to Facebook, there weren't any major surprises. I brought my beau which was a smart move. Not only did he get along with my peeps but having him there helped me avoid repeating my stats a million times. I still haven't figured out how to explain what I do in one sentence. I took off from work on Monday and Tuesday to use up my vacation time- i.e. I had a "staycation." I know what you're thinking. How very 2009- recession economy of me. I take comfort in knowing that after only 8 hours of work this week, I'm already over the hump. Victory! Speaking of work...