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Slightly Stressed

I'm feeling better for now, of course trying to sleep with post nasal drip action and coughing is always the hardest. In addition, last night I had trouble sleeping cause I was inspired. Imagine that. I can really get into this whole photography thing. I just need to get used to photographing people on the street. One woman shielded her face from me but that actually made for a better picture. I'm getting a handle on my camera as well- comfortable with the manual features.

Kind of a lot going on this weekend. Leaving for a wedding early Friday afternoon in Upstate NY. It should be tons of fun but I'm already exhausted thinking about the schedule.. starting with hair around 9:30am. Yikes. I guess that's the nature of being a bridesmaid. It could have definitely been earlier and anything for my girl yo. In any case, I'm trying my darnest to get ample amounts of sleep before then. Perhaps a bit of nyquil will do for tonight.