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Smuggler's Notch Part 2

And so the drinking began

So where was I? My car (three guys) and I arrived at our spacious condo, had some shots then dinner at the resort. Post dinner, we decided to hit up the pool and hot tub. One brave soul attempted to bypass the lifeguard wearing only his skivvies but was harshly reprimanded. After quickly changing, we ran over to the "Fun Zone" in the hopes that we would find ping pong, as the resort website promised. Instead, it was a gym area fit for five year olds and we were told to head to the teen zone. Hoping that the term "Teen Zone" was somehow meant for the over 12 crowd without children, we headed over. We entered a room fit for a church basement with one ping pong table, a few pimpled teenagers and some couches. My boyfriend spoke to the attendant who demanded his age, to which he replied 28 (he's 30). We were promptly kicked out and told to go to the bar. Why is drinking synonymous with the one "adult activity?" Large purple book bag in hand, wet hair and glasses, we made ourselves comfortable at the resort bar and were informed that, naturally, they were hosting karaoke.

A few drinks later and I was singing Kelly Clarkson in front of the crowd by my lonesome, completely abandoned by my boyz who had initially intended on singing with me. Among the crowd was, of course, a fellow college alumni also at the resort with about ten other friends. Our group was anointed the "New York Group" and at one point, I think we were even booed. Yeah, I'm really glad this photo is blurry. All in all, it was a fun night and I'm glad we got to see everything the resort had to offer. A little La Bamba, an ill chosen Benny and the Jets, and we returned to the condo, dignity partially intact. The rest of our crew arrived that night and we all crashed at midnight prepared for a full day of skiing.