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Speed Racer

Tonight I attended the annual alumni ice skating even through my dad's college. But fortunately it was a shitload better than it was last year. As you may recall, last year it was snowing. Awful weather and my feet nearly froze off just trying to find Wollman Rink. When I finally got there, I was cold and cranky. See post from nearly a year ago here.

This year, it was freakin Minnesota freakin temperature. But at the rink, the windchill wasn't so bad. Besides, my skates are so old and about a size and a half too small on me that I couldn't feel my feet anyway. So I got yelled at 3 times to slow down. And the third time, the guard threatened to kick me off the ice. HA! Not to brag- okay, I'm bragging. But I wasn't even skating at my full speed! And I figured, my pops wanted to leave anyway, so wouldn't it be cool if I got kicked off for skating too fast. And so I did.

Yup. I've still got it!