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Starting to feel OLD... er

Last night I went to a b-day party for a younger coworker. The bar was in a random area - 35th between 5th and 6th. While I like my coworker and he seems to have cool friends, I have to say- the bar kind of sucked. ASS. The drinks were $9!!!! DUDE- there's a reason why I don't go to the Meat Packing! Or trendy clubs. So I certainly don't expect to have to deal with this kind of shit at a bar a half a block from Herald Square! It was also super crowded. Had to have been above maximum capacity. Do you think being packed in like sardines, having 1 BATHROOM- that's 1 STALL folks- for the women, and uber expensive, water downed drinks makes for a good experience. Although I have to admit, the music was good and I've never seen that many attractive men in one place. I can only assume they are not from Manhattan and are looking for their 24 year old B & T, overly primped counter parts. It all goes back to the movie Jumper. All special effects and flash but no substance. With both the same intent- to make money on the first experience (opening weekend/1 time costumer) without any thought as to how I'm enjoying myself or how to get repeat costumers. And to make matters even worse, they nearly lost my card.

This leads me to the same conclusion I've been coming to a lot lately- I either need to stop hanging out in Manhattan (possibly go to Brooklyn) or stop going to bars! I'm thinking a little of both. Getting too old for this crap!