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Strange But True

Monday night I had a dirty dream about my yoga teacher.. (a woman). I'm not going into detail but needless to say I know enough about dreams to guess it doesn't simply mean I'm a lesbian. Anyway, today I was dumb enough to leave my keys in my apartment. I specifically remember the moment that I was going to obsessively check my bag before leaving, and thinking of how obsessive I am and that it's probably in there, so I didn't. Wrong. Der. So I unknowingly left without my keys and had a pretty good day. I wore a very cute, new shirt dress from H&M and got lots of compliments.. and after work I sort of felt like I wanted to go out. In fact, I texted my friend and said I wanted to go out but should go to my yoga class.

Well, I got what I wished for when I realized that I couldn't actually get into my apartment and had to stay out. So I chilled in Starbucks and eventually when I didn't hear back from my roommate by 7:15, figured I'd buy something at the Gap to wear tomorrow and go back to NJ. Weird but true- ran into my yoga teacher at the GAP who I had above dirty dream about. I explained to her that I hoped to get to her class and she wisely said that maybe this was all meant to be. Finally, while in the changing room, I got a text back from my roommate that she wouldn't be home for another hour. So seeing as how I needed to get some new workout clothes, I bought clothes there and ran to my class. Home sweet home. I don't know what all that meant. But clearly I'm giving a friend a copy of my keys as soon as possible-- something I should have done a long time ago. It's like insurance. It's a pain to make copies, etc. but can save a hell of a lot of money not having to call the locksmith. tootles.