Brand Strategist

Curiosity Matters

An Exploration of Branding, Design and Cultural Trends


Our passions are what drives our strengths. They are what makes us lose track of time. Gets us into a flow. It's what encourages us to keep going even when all we want to do is quit. It's that moment when our heart races and we're on a high, the thrill of discovery. The feeling of being blessed, knowing we are doing exactly what we want to do in life. And that grateful moment, like we are beating the system, knowing we are getting paid to pursue our passions.

Here are my passions. Maybe they're yours.


I strive to explore and understand human motivations. Why do we do what we do? Are we more similar than different? Is there any rationale to our decisions or is it all emotional? An excel chart full of useful data is like a light in the dark; qualitative, honest one-on-one interviews like water in the desert.


We are the product of a specific time and place - of our background, of our upbringing. Of "low-brow" cultural influences and "high brow." Of music, of film, of celebrity and of ethnicity and religion. Of politics, of climate change and the economy. What a beautiful, sometimes frightening, often hopeful world we live in that I have an insatiable appetite to explore.

Brand Building

An intangible set of values, of unquantifiable worth has the power to pique our desire. It's that allusive set of behaviors that makes us willing to pay more, a tone of voice, design and overall experience that tickles our senses. It's that element that introduces us to likeminded people, makes us feel like someone else gets us. A club we are proud to be a part of.


The only thing constant is change. How thrilling to offer clients a new perspective that is a catalyst for change? A website design that turns a sales-led business to digital-first, consumer-first. A campaign strategy that inspires action through doing versus saying. A brand re-fresh that better reflects the cultural shifts while retaining the brand values. An innovation that is mutually beneficial to the customer as it is to the business.


Have you captured someone's attention? Made them actually feel something? Have you brought an idea to life through imagery or film? A compelling story has the power to convince people of your point of view. It can get clients on your side, consumers in the door. What a powerful tool strategists have at their disposal, one that I love having the opportunity to continually hone.