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Subway Fun

Went to Park Slope to babysit the most adorable, cool, inspiring family ever. Every time I go there, I'm inspired to clean up my apartment, become rich, eat healthier, find a husband and make beautiful, intelligent, sweet babies.

Anyway, I usually take a car home but ended up getting out early so told them the subway was okay. Around Rector street, there was some issue with a unauthorized person on the tracks. Wow. How much do you not want to hear that? Fortunately, I had a book, my iPhone, and time to kill so it was no biggy. Until they turned off the air, lights, etc. Still wasn't a big deal but definitely started making me nervous. I actually rarely take the subway. My favorite line was this old lady with a heavy Queens accent saying "My dawter offered to give me a ride home, but I said, 'no,' I'll take the subway home." In any case, the lights came back on just as everyone was starting to freak out.

In other news, on my way out the door, I somehow managed to bring one canvas tote, but forget my purse. It wasn't until I had gotten to the checkout at the grocery store, with my bottled water and carefully selected chocolate chip cookies, that I realized I was an idiot with no wallet. I ran back to my apartment. Someone let me in and I waited for my roommate to get out the shower- cold sweat and all, freaking out about not getting to Park Slope in time. And this is why I can't live alone.

My sister wrote an article in her college paper about binge drinking. The article was well written and articulate. But the fact that most stood out was that apparently it takes your brain a whole month to recover after a binge drinking incident. Hmmmm. That would explain a lot.