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Sunday Night Ponderings

As I sat in my dark, cold apartment on this rainy Sunday evening with my roommate and two cats (post yoga at Crunch!), I briefly considered going back on an internet dating site... and then quickly came back to my senses - realizing that I should probably focus my energy searching job matches instead of love matches. And then I checked my calendar, remembering that all my evenings are jam packed up until next week and that apparently, being unemployed, networking and working on my own ventures is more time consuming than being employed and in a relationship. But I can't complain! Hmmm. I ponder.
In no particular order, a visual guide to what I've been up to when I'm not networking, attending amazingly inspiring and informative AWNY events, sitting in cafés job searching, working with my friend to help her PR business in the social media realm, reading business books, etc. This is for you mom.

Under the cherry blossoms in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Saturday April 24thAdd caption
 More cherry blossoms (I think) in Central Park
Central Park
I have no words. Okay, I do. Thomas and Oscar love each other.
Sunday pancake brunch with the roommate = roommate love.
Oscar, making catnaps sexy since April 2010.