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Super Bowl Ad Recap: Rescue Dog by Mcgarrybowen

I stayed in last night to watch the Super Bowl which meant I could divide my time between Tweeting, watching the commercials.. and.. eating. Last year I actually had an interview at the flagship Apple store in San Francisco during the Super Bowl so I couldn't say whether or not there was a whole different ad watching party on Twitter but regardless, my second screen experienced added a new dimension. There was a lot of hating going on. Have you noticed that people often criticize things because it gives them the appearance of being experts? God forbid we admit that we're actually entertained by flashy, over the top, special effect-laden spots. Most of us watching are sitting in a crowded bar, or packed living room. The Super Bowl is no time for subtleties so let's give credit to our fellow ad men and women where credit is due. So for all the hating on Agency Spy against Mcgarrybowen, this spot for Bud Light, Rescue Dog, shows why Ad Age rated them agency of the year. It has an engaging story, is visually interesting and genuinely made me crack up while watching it. And the non-profit tie in at the end was icing on the cake. More to come..