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I love how there's always something going on in the media, or wherever that reminds me of one of my former jobs. Nice.

I'm pretty pissed off at for posting Chris Anderson's email. I mean jesus, I think Nick Denton and his company should study a little something I'd like to call Karma. How many media outlets directly profit off of someone else's pain or embarrassment. Is that also part of human nature. So I posted a reply but I don't know if it will get published. Incidentally, they approve your comments. So they can say anything they'd like, but us common folks have to get our comments approved. So much for free speech. Almost makes you want to start a blog.

This posting is another example of how the blog world has been more about putting people down than anything else. I can say with first hand experience that the people at TED work around the clock. Yes, some of the attendees are celebrities (less than 10-15), but the majority are people who are not only successful but have implemented world saving endeavors. In fact, contrary to what pepelicious believes, TED is often criticized for being less about tech under the leadership of Chris Anderson, and more about social and environmental change. How can anyone put down an organization that has facilitated,, TED Africa, and countless other initiatives. Why not embrace change and support their goals.