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Ten Minutes of Insanity

Tonight I finally saw Dark Knight with a good friend. As we came out of the theater.. ten minutes of pure ridiculousness ensued. First off, checked my phone and received a text during the movie from a friend saying she was 2 tables away from Tom Cruise at dinner. Then we're coming down the escalator and some guy bends down I think to catch his kid from tripping. In the process, his sweatpants completely fall down, revealing his hairy ass to me and this other guy in front of me who also noticed. We looked at each other trying to contain our laughter and horror.

Then finally, I said goodbye to my friend.. and walked home. In our building, we have this crazy old man who apparently used to bring garbage in from the street and at some point, his apartment had to be cleaned by social services. I believe he must wander the streets at night because my roommate's seen him at 4am. Anyway, was walking down 3rd Ave and there's a space that's recently gone vacant.. with some homeless guy sleeping in the corner. And there he was- the crazy old man that lives in my building, holding up some book that he possible STOLE from the homeless guy and trying to read the back cover. Um. Yeah. Only in New York. I can't make this shit up if I tried.