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The Decisive Moment

Today at work I was sort of taking a break from what I was doing and stumbled upon this website- I honestly can't remember for the life of me how I found it. Definitely my new favorite photography blog and makes me want to sign up for a photo class in the fall despite not yet having a DSLR. Then I thought, oh, I should check out because some times, I feel like we've exhausted our selection of stock images. So I checked out the site, realized I signed up a long while ago, and emailed their contact to find out more about it. A half hour later, I receive a call from a sales associate who gives me the scoop, and invites me to a party they happen to be having starting a half hour from then, that happens to be near my apt. Wow. everything is near my apartment. Everything cool at least. So torn.

Anyway, I get to the party and notice that the event photography looks familiar so I go say hello. Of course he went to my college and was in a very popular acapella group. Dude, I need to capitalize on my ability to remember a face. Any ideas? I'm so used to running into people I know where ever I go. I can't imagine moving to another city and starting all over again. But at the same time, I'm worried about getting too comfortable and not being able to leave. Wow, I think too much. So I thought the whole think was very serendipitous. And to all those coincidence, "everything happens for a reason" haters, that don't believe in the law of attraction or a higher power, I present that story. Only unfortunate part about the night was that I ate my weight in pizza instead of going to a spinning class.