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The Mona Lisa Curse

My photography teacher told us about a great series of videos by Robert Hughes that discuss what the art world has become. It's become all about the money instead of the love of art. It's an incredibly interesting eye openner. I have often toyed with the idea of taking a year long certificate program at Chrissy's or Sotheby's only to conclude that it would only be about money and may not put me into the art world that I'm interested in becoming a part of. I have never really understood the gravity of pop artists such as Warhol, taking every day objects and painting them, etc. And Robert Hughes seems to agree. The series shows how the entire art world has skewed what's important based on its market value, led by investors rather than art lovers, and culminating with artists like Damien Hurst. I thought that the parts 11 & 12 were particularly enlightening where he interviews a buyer who can't fully articulate why the art work he's paid so much money for is brilliant. I saw this at the Armory show two weeks ago and even at the AIPAD event, well dressed couples, clearly wealthy who are looking for art simply as an investment.

And finally, Robert Hughes believes that "Art should make us feel more clearly and more intelligently. It should give us coherent sensations which otherwise we would not have had." "If art can't tell us about the world we live in, then I don't believe there's much point in having it."