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The Next Airline to go Down

My friend just called. He arrived in Utah safely after a 3, layover, last minute flight that only cost him less than $200. Well, I guess you get what you paid for. He took US Air and described it as Greyhound with wings, thankfully without the crazy ax murderer. So apparently it's never a good sign when there's duck-tape on the windows and the AC is broken at a hundred degrees. And the water ain't free. It's $2 and you best have something smaller than a $20 cause they don't got no change. In fact, the flight attendant tried to get away with not giving change back to some lady.

And if the flight itself weren't bad enough, my friend had to check in an hour before the flight. Huh?! At 5am! He said the guy that checked him in was a super guido with a hairy chest and huge jesus cross. Plus the whole line process was completely unorganized.

Now he must contend with being surrounded by an entire city filled with unusually beautiful, healthy and fit people. And someday, he will be a guest writer on my blog!