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The Perfect Rainy Saturday (Not!!!)

So for those of you wondering why you haven't heard from me since Friday.. it's because I spent all of Saturday puking my guts out. Woke up at 2pm in a daze and impressed with my ability to once again take off my contacts, brush my teeth, wash my face and throw on some PJ's even though I distinctly remember lots of stumbling on the way home the night before. Checked my phone and noticed 2 panicked "are you okay texts" from friends and various missed calls. Looked at my outgoing text message from 5:30am the night before and realized their panic.. a perfectly spelled, sans typos message that I will not repeat.

Any who, I couldn't keep anything down yesterday- water or gatorade but hope that my method of hydrating then puking was effective at getting the alcohol out of my system. I'm surprised no neighbors came to check up on me after hearing my continuous retching. I watched a movie, "Rendition" that literally took me about 4 hours to watch. The subtitles made me dizzy and nauseous and I had to stop it a few times to take a nap or throw up some more. So now my throat is once again scratchy and irritated. My stomach acid has probably completely diminished the enamal on my teeth and I'm 5 pounds less (yay!) that I was on Friday morning. I'm guessing this all had something to do with the seriously strong drinks at Solas coupled with the various shots I got roped into doing.. especially the jaeger bomb I did in the end. And perhaps the beer drank while playing Kings? (don't ask).

But in any case, all the alcohol talk is making me nauseous. Don't expect to hear about another drunken escapade any time soon. I'd like to preserve my liver function and a serious detox is in my future. I believe my drunken and sober personality has melted into one and so I'm supremely confident in my ability to fake drunkenness over the next few weeks-- drunk on soda with lemons..