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The September Issue

I saw The September Issue last night which was the absolute perfect distraction since I've been feeling very stressed about some stuff lately. I think I make up things in my head.. or are overly sensitive to various gestures... and have been hybernating this winter and losing a part of myself. I know - so dramatic. But I haven't been going to the gym regularly or being remotely as social as I was when I was single and living downtown. Anyway.

The September Issue was a fantastic movie. I loved seeing how Grace Coddington visualized and created these fantastic photo shoots. It's a reminder that even though fashion and fashion photography are within the commercial realm, it's still art! She looks at how she can place the fashion in historical context, referencing films, older fashion shoots, famous photographs, etc. There's an incredible amount of thought that goes into the magazine. And like fine art, they have to edit out photographs because they don't fit within the overall vision.

The film gave insight as to who the real Anna Wintour is. It hinted at the idea that she's not a cold bitch, but simply doing her job like any man in her position would behave. She actually came off as warmer in the film than she appears in the public. You can understand why her concealing sunglasses might be appropriate as she runs around from meeting to meeting, always having to be "on" and even in front of the camera. I was especially interested to hear about her family and background. She's a total icon and leads the fashion industry, generating hundreds of jobs and revenue while inspiring millions. And yet, her siblings are the ones she considers are doing more substantial good, only it's obvious they're just being more direct. Her daughter concludes that people are absolutely obsessed with fashion and she wouldn't want to enter the business. But the film shows both sides of that argument; i.e. that it's also an art and people's livelihood.

Anyway, I highly recommend the film!