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This Is Positive Change

Since I've nearly hit the one year mark on updating my blog, I figured today is the day. A lot has happened over the last year in American culture, world events, things that make you go hmm, things that raise your anxiety level, things that make you pause, make you think, make you question. I still believe that we'll look back on these last few years as a marker of huge cultural shifts in gender roles, religion, race, socioeconomic shifts, political.. and it's crazy to see every day unfold with new surprises. As much as we fear the instability that comes from Trump, the anger from gun violence, the shock that comes from hearing about people abusing their power, there is a positive momentum of change that is worth taking a moment to appreciate. 

We live in a world where:

An epically talented artist is putting a magnifying glass on the atrocities and inequalities that black men (especially) and women are facing in America - 4 minutes and 5 seconds of can't-look-away-symbolism, allegory, hidden messages and cultural commentary that I hope will help people empathize with an experience that is not their own. 

Where women through the MeToo movement are being heard as they stand up to those that don't treat them with the respect that they deserve. 

Where the responsibilities of fatherhood are being delivered to men of all ages through the most unlikely source, a visually stunning, immersive video game

Where do you see change?